Learn how to save money and time by optimizing and automating your work and make more sales

The case-book of high-quality, proven, easy in implementation ideas on how to attract more leads in the most efficient way without leaking money, how to increase sales without hiring extra personnel. 

You might feel stuck, tired, struggling, helpless and lonely. People don't understand your pain, they just tell you to push through or to take a rest. But you can't do both.

You can't push through because you have lost all your energy, all your motivation and all your power trying to keep your company afloat.

You can't take a rest because you have a family to feed, you have responsibilities in front of others and yourself.

Also, you understand that you can't risk now with your money, you can't hire a professional online business coach to help you with a strategy, with agencies to outsource your task. You just can't allow yourself to lose money. Not now. Only when you recover, but not now!

The only way you see now is to play small. Put eggs in several baskets. Because you don't have time to lose. 

I feel you! I really do! I have been there myself. I have seen my clients struggling like you do. 

That is why, I have decided to create a case-study book for people who are in the same situation as you are. In this case book, I have combined ideas and strategies on how you can:

  • become a market leader in 1 year without hiring an extra sales professionals
  • how to make ads profitable
  • if you have a web store, how you can improve the maintenance by introducing a DTAP
  • how to automate "stupid" tasks
  • how to encourage your employees to be more proactive 
  • how to stand out from the competition 
  • how to use your data to your advantage and how it can help you earn more money by making smart decisions
  • the whole case I devoted to 15 crucial tips on how to use Google Ads Manager without leaking money and attracting the right traffic to your website and marketing campaigns
  • then I show you the example of how did I solve for my client a problem of not enough sales (he had a difficult product to sell - glass). My solution increased sales by 33%
  • In the case book I will also tell you about the email funnel flow that increased sales by 25% (and it can be automated)
  • If you have a SaaS solution, you will benefit from one of the cases from this book because I am showing 5 steps that will create the platform for your future scale up
  • for a webstore I advised to implement two plugin that brought the company extra €50 000 at the end of the year
  • how you can do sales via webinars, I am sharing a case when my client did a webinar and earned €4m in 72 hours
  •  I will share with you a trick on how did I save time with writing this book (you can use it when you are creating white papers, lead magnets, emails or any other content for your business)
  • there are two cases about hiring the right people to your team and showing your competitors that you are successful and expanding
  • I really like this one. The title of the case is “How to get people to talk about you without you being present in the same room”
  • If you want to be visible, you need to publish about yourself, you need to work with press and I will share with you the tricks on how to become attractive to press, so they will want to publish about you
  • how to lower your incoming call of customers by 90%

I wanted to share high level cases. So I’ve set a standard for this book. I found it important that every case in this book needed to make a certain measurable impact on the business. So every case had to match one or more of these 5 qualification criteria:

  1. 100+ hours saved per year
  2. 50K+ per year
  3. 20% + Conversion improvement
  4. Reduced error rate with 30% +
  5. 25% sales increase

Wait, who is "I"?

Hi! My name is Alex van Ginneken. 

At the age of 11, I developed my first software. Also, during my school years, I won an IT innovation prize. I remember myself spending lots of time behind the screen of my computer and coding while other kids of my age were hanging out with their friends. To combine my love for coding and business I did two studies in IT and in marketing and communication. During my IT studies, I was chosen to do an internship in an international company - Oracle where I had to work in a CRM division while having a lot of contact and business trips to the headquarters in San Francisco. My entrepreneurial journey at a very young age of 21. Since then I have built almost 20 years of experience in the fields of IT, marketing and sales.

My main beliefs that I live my life by and guide my clients:

  • You can fix every business problem with marketing and sales
  • There is always a higher level
  • Think big. Start small. Scale fast
  • There is a recipe for every challenge
  • You can change your company in a heartbeat
  • If you implement a few small healthy habits today, they will turn your tomorrow into a better life

My experiences in the field


ᐅ New Realestate Online ("Nieuwbouw Online")
ᐅ Maxify Expert
ᐅ Streaminar

Previous participations that I (co)founded / started and sold

ᐅ Superfood.nl (2020)
ᐅ Cobrowser (2017)
ᐅ MediaCT (2017)
ᐅ DBK (2017)
ᐅ Simpel Reserveren (2017)
ᐅ Vivens (2006)
ᐅ Posters.nl (2006) 

Other positions

ᐅ Chairman of the Northern Online Entrepreneurs (NOO)
ᐅ Board member (advisor) investment fund for startups (G-force)
ᐅ Board member (advisor) WTC Noord Nederland
ᐅ Board member (advisor) Oranjewoud Export Academy

ᐅ Mentor at the Venture Mentoring Service (connected to MIT, Boston)
ᐅ Member of the DRW, a network of policy - and decision makers in the industrial sector

ᐅ Developer of the minor "Online Marketing" at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Past positions

ᐅ Frisian House board member (advisor)

Books I wrote

ᐅ Domaining (2014)
ᐅ Fact Based Marketing (2013)
ᐅ The Blue Box (2009): 17 books about internet marketing

I am sure that after reading/listening to this case-book, you will:

  • know how to fix things in your business
  • know where and how to make changes for your business
  • know how and on which activities you can save time 
  • your energy levels will come back to you because you will be fully equipped with all the necessary knowledge for the change
  • you will feel happier because now you have a plan of activities you need to do 
  • from the case book you will see that you are not alone with the challenges, there are more people like you and you will see that there is always a solution for any problem
  • feel like you can do it now, on your own, you don't need to shut the doors to your company and search for a job as an employee
  • feel like you have won lottery by finding this source of knowledge that has been collected for more than 15 years and comprised into an easy to understand book 
  • you don't have to struggle and fight for your survival anymore 
  • now you even think that you will be able to expand and scale up your business in the very nearest future because you have energy, resources and all the necessary knowledge to do so 

P.S. As soon as you purchase the case book, you will get an instant access to an e-book (the link will be sent to you immediately in the email) and you will get an access to the digital environment where you can listen to the same content which is written in the book. The reading is done by my colleague - Kristina. 

Are you ready?