Can't scale up your business online?

I have a solution for you!

You probably suffer from one (or more) of the following issues:

  • You don’t have enough sales

  • There is no strategy in your marketing and sales activities

  • You lost control over your marketing and sales teams 

  • You see that you can optimise your marketing and sales but you don’t know how

  • Your traffic to your website, social media platforms and online campaigns is not consistent

  • You want to scale up but you are unable to do so

You have already tried the following but haven’t succeed so far:

  • Come up with a long-lasting strategy
  • Get consistent traffic to your website/social media platforms
  • Structure your content for social media platforms
  • Get great testimonials from your customers
  • Create long-lasting relationships with your clients
  • Build profitable relationships with your dealers and agents
  • Bring more traffic through advertising
  • Attract new leads 
  • Convert leads into buyers

I get you! I have heard a lot of times the same struggles from my clients. I can help you with that.

Before I jump into the solution, I want to ask you several questions:

Wouldn't be nice if you have all the necessary knowledge that  you need to succeed in one place?

Wouldn't be nice if you can watch the video lectures about the topics you need at any place at any time?

Wouldn't be nice if you can watch the educational videos right from your mobile phone?

Wouldn't be nice to be independent in your learning process from any online business coaches, schedules, employees?

Wouldn't be nice to be able to delegate marketing and sales tasks to your employees and not worry about the quality of work? (since you will be able to give access to your employees to the same learning environment as you have)

Wouldn't be nice to be up-to-date to the latest trends, tools and have the latest possible knowledge in online marketing and sales for B2B?

Let me guess, in your head you have answered "Yes" on all of the above questions. 

What if I tell you that I have a solution for you to solve all your problems and frustrations mentioned above and make these questions become a reality.

Here is the solution!

🔥I have created the online marketing and sales mastery for B2B as recorded short and easy to comprehend video lectures in one learning environment which is easy to access.

The mastery consists of 6 modules.

In the modules you will learn:

Module 1:

  • Which valuable content can you create for your audience?
  • How do you attract traffic to your website/social media platforms/online campaigns?
  • How do you convert an anonymous visitor into your contact?
  • How do you build long-lasting relationships with your contacts?
  • How to optimise your sales?
  • How to define your ideal client?
  • How to increase the chances of your sale to your ideal client?
  • How to explain to your potential customer what you are selling in 30 seconds?
  • Types of content creation that always work
  • How to get great testimonials?

Module 2:

  • How to structure your content? 
  • Which social media platform to choose to use your time efficiently?
  • Which questions do you need to ask yourself before you start creating content for social media platforms?
  • How to boost your social media results?
  • Which tools do you need to save yourself time with content creation for social media platforms?
  • How can you improve the results of your dealers and agents?
  • How can you efficiently use WhatsApp to connect with your dealers?
  • How to make your dealers top performers?
  • How to keep your dealers in the loop/keep constantly updated?
  • Which marketing materials do you need to give your dealers?
  • How to find and select good new dealers?
  • How to ethically “steal” the email list of your dealers?
  • Which tools, processes and systems should your dealers offer?
  • #1 thing you need to know about your dealers
  • How to combine your dealer’s strategy with online to prevent and solve conflicts?
  • Dealer’s growth strategy
  • The perfect dealer’s locator
  • How to keep your dealers accountable in a simple way?

Module 3:

  • What do you need to check before you upload your lead magnet to make the best out of it?
  • The best proven way to attract traffic to your online activities
  • What is the key role of online marketing? Why to spend time and resources on it at all?
  • What is a traffic temperature in advertising (ad)?
  • 5 elements of high converting ad campaign
  • Which tools do you need to use to do research about your target group?
  • 8 questions which will help you with your research for your target group(s)
  • All you need to know about an Ad copy and an Ad creative
  • How do you troubleshoot your ad campaign?
  • How to recognise a lazy campaign manager?
  • Why do you need to adjust days and time when you are advertising?
  • Why do you need to introduce an international structure of your ad campaigns?
  • Why is it important to adjust your ad campaign per time zones or continents?
  • A smart tactic to kindly remind about your product/service to your visitor who has left your website without wasting money
  • Which Google Quality Score is appropriate for your ad?
  • A smart way to save money when you do advertising on mobile
  • How to do split testing the right way from the first time?
  • How do you choose your keywords to make them the most relevant to your audience and efficient to your bank account?
  • A trick to push down your competition in the Google Search Engine
  • How to increase your Customer’s Lifetime Value?
  • How to create an easy to understand report about your ads performance?

Module 4:

  • What are the most high-converting and easy to create lead magnets?
  • How do you find a hook for your lead magnet?
  • How to create the best landing page?
  • How do you educate your (potential) customers about your product/service in the most efficient way?
  • What is the best tool for automating your emails?
  • Two best performing email campaigns that you can automate
  • How does your super signature look? 

Module 5:

  • Why do you need to consider starting facilitating webinars?
  • What are the 6 types of webinars that you can facilitate?
  • How long should a webinar last?
  • What is the best time to organize a webinar?
  • When do you start promoting your webinar?
  • What is the best webinar gear?
  • How do you prepare your webinar?
  • How should an opt-in page for a webinar look like?
  • How do you promote a webinar?
  • How do you create the best experience during a webinar?
  • How many emails should you send before a webinar?
  • How do you start your webinar?
  • Which slides should you include in your presentation for a webinar?
  • How do you round up your webinar so you lead your audience to the next step you want them to take?
  • How do you follow up your audience after a webinar?
  • Should you send a replay after a webinar?
  • How do you round up your webinar? What needs to be done after it?
  • How can you earn €4 million in 72 hours?

Module 6:

  • What do you HAVE TO implement in your online marketing activities?
  • Where should a sales team look at the data to optimize sales?
  • Where do you start with online marketing?
  • How do you organise your team for the best performance?
  • Which skills and expertise do professionals need for your organisation?
  • What do you do if you have a lack of resources?

This program was live tested by 50+ people and ranked as 8+ 

Besides, you will get access to 3 extra bonuses:

🔥Bonus #1 - Conversion booster (neuromarketing tricks to help you with optimizing your website, improving your team performance, creating high-converting campaigns and increasing your sales)

🔥Bonus #2 - A list of essential gear

🔥Bonus #3 - Must have tools for sales and online marketing

🔥In addition, you will get 4 times coaching sessions with me where you can ask any questions and get personalized feedback.


Marie-Jetske Lettinga, export manager at

I work in  a very small company and we are doing a lot of things with a small team. 

I was very happy with the training. The training went pretty fast and I didn't have any doubts about the usefulness of this training. It was quite an intensive course. You, Alex, have brought so many different topics for us to look at so we, as a firm, could decide what is feasible for us at that moment and what not. 

You gave us the structure on how to get great testimonials and as a result , we have already collected three testimonials from our largest customers and it went really well. I could even say that these testimonials are worth a gold for us. It was so great to read what our customers think about us, how they see us as a company, and how they feel while working with us. 

Before the training, we were wondering which content to create, how to draw people to our website and we got the answers during the training. 

After the training, we have improved many things on our website. We have a better structure on it now and we have removed a lot of unnecessary information. I was very surprised to see in these 6 weeks the endless possibilities of being online, how much you can improve your business online. When you are working in day-to-day operations, you no longer see the forest for the trees, you don’t see the possibilities and this training has given us new perspectives and possibilities. 

What I know now for sure, before you go online, you need to put everything together, to have a strategy before you take certain steps. We really have to start somewhere and then we do things, then we look at the data and improve what we have done. Like this we grow and expand. 

Alex: Would you recommend this training? 

Yes, yes, certainly, to many people. Because it really gives a lot of insights, it is very practical, it has a lot of practical tips and tools. Also, this training is useful for building your company’s authority and how you can do it in the best way. 

The content in the training was very valuable and also the fact that there was the time not only to listen and think but also to implement things that I have just learned and to get feedback on it. 

You, Alex, give a feeling of being an expert in the field of online marketing and sales. I also had a feeling during the whole training that you, Alex, know so much about so many things and you have a very strong and clear opinion about everything. 

Now, after the training, I feel like we are ready to stand on our own feet in the whole online story. We definitely know more now in the online field and we have a deeper knowledge than we had before and we feel like it is also possible to do more ourselves. And I feel like we are ready for a change.

My guestimation about how your business might look like now:

  • You have an understanding that your company needs to take new steps towards optimizing your online activities.
  • You have a website with the description of your products or services but you don't do a lot of activities online or you want to upgrade your online presence and activities.
  • You have marketer/sales employees but you see that their activities are not aligned (they are not working together towards the common goal), they are busy but their activities are not bringing you results you expect.
  • You feel insecure, confused, exhausted, overwhelmed.
  • Your average day consists of scrolling through the websites trying to understand which steps you need to take and not knowing where to start, what to do, who can help. You don't have any tools that can free your time.
  • Your status is struggling CEO/entrepreneur/business owner/shareholder.

My promise on how your business will look like after learning from me:

✅ You have an understanding of which steps your company needs to take to shift to online and start getting revenues out of it.

✅ You have a roadmap of activities that need to be done.

✅ You have a digital marketing strategy and the overview of tools that can help with execution of online marketing activities.

✅ Your marketing and sales teams are on the same page with you and they work together to execute the online marketing and sales strategy.

✅ You feel energized, enthusiastic, excited, renewed, capable, confident, daring, strong and encouraged.

✅ Your average day starts knowing what to do, knowing where to ask, having all the necessary knowledge, network and resources to make things happen.

✅ During the day you just make things happen.

⭐ Your status is confident CEO/entrepreneur/business owner/shareholder.

Nathaniel Lartey, sales manager at Grendel Games

Alex: What was the reason for you to follow this course?

Nathaniel: My company needed the knowledge in online marketing and sales and at that moment we didn’t have the marketing person, only a salesperson. So, I thought that this program can be not only beneficial for me but also for the whole company.

Alex: Did you learn something new?

Nathaniel: Absolutely. I had an idea about social media marketing but it is actually a lot more than I thought before. This course has broadened my understanding in tactics, techniques that we could use for our business. I also liked the fact that they are cost-efficient compared to other marketing forms. 

Alex: Did you have any doubts before starting this course?

Nathaniel: No, I didn’t. I started listening to this course with an open mind. I didn’t have any doubts because I didn’t have any expectations. The only doubt that we had was at the beginning, at the introductory stage. We thought that if this was going to be like this, then we are not sure about the benefits that this course could bring to us, because we were already familiar with a lot of things from the introduction. But as the time passed by, the new information started coming in from the course, we saw that we could learn a lot from it and that it was worth it. 

Alex: Did you feel that you have a shortage of knowledge when it comes to online marketing? 

Nathaniel: Absolutely. I had a huge deficiency in the understanding of online marketing. I was fully aware of this. Grendel games were already busy with online marketing, but the thing is that they are not really marketers, they did a lot of self-studies. So I saw that they have a shortage of knowledge in it. For example, when we were talking about tactics, results and strategy of our online activities, we didn’t have enough knowledge and it was quite frustrating. 

Alex: What was your experience during these 6 weeks?

Nathaniel: We made the changes quite fast during these 6 weeks and afterwards. When you were mentioning something valuable and relevant to us and we thought that it might work for us as well, we would implement it directly. We became more intentional with our strategy. We understood that we need a clear goal, a clear purpose and we gave a lot of time and thoughts to this. So now, we have a clear plan of what we want and how we want it and how we are going to get it and how we are going to measure it. We really benefited a lot and we really wanted to learn a lot. That is why, we didn’t hesitate with asking for your feedback on the work that we have done during the training. We didn’t bother that other people saw what we did, even if they were going to criticize it, we understood that this training was made to give the opportunity for the companies to make changes, to shift. 

Alex: Which results did you get after the training?

Nathaniel: We changed our homepage, we moved our testimonials to another spot on our website (higher). We brainstormed with people from outside of our team and inside the team which changes need to be done. It is a work in progress. We also rearranged the homepage. Now we know that we need to cut off the amount of text that we have on our homepage. We started reconsidering which information we need to leave on the homepage (like testimonials, because we want to show our credibility) and which we need to move to another place or remove at all. We started collecting testimonials. We are a small team and we do a lot of multitasking. And now we know for sure what needs to be done in the future. I also think that we got from your training a very good strategy to get new leads and I want to start working on it in the near future. We are also planning to start doing webinars, which will for sure help us to get new clients. 

Alex: Would you recommend this training?

Nathaniel: Oh yes, I would recommend it for sure! And I would also add to the recommendation that even if you have a wide knowledge about online marketing, you would surely learn something. For example, if I look at Friso (my colleague), who already knew a lot about online marketing, he was very appreciative about the knowledge, new information and things that he has learned during the training. So, for sure I would recommend it, whether you are a novice or a professional. 

Alex: Do you have any story to tell related to a training to end this testimonial?

Nathaniel: I think I want to tell a story about the beginning of the training, from the introductory stage. After the first sessions, we met three of us: me, Friso and Anne, to share our experience about the training, to do a quick recap. And I remember that I was very busy at that time, I didn’t like the training, it took so much time to listen to it and it seemed like it was just introductory knowledge to online marketing, but then I told myself and my colleagues : “Just calm down. Give him some time. This is just the beginning.” I am very happy now that in the end, I switched my mindset because I really liked the course. After the first training day, we decided that we will come to the next one and if we don’t like it, we will just leave. In the end, we didn’t leave and even though three of us were extremely busy with all the work, we all followed the course till the end. It was really nice to see how we transformed from not loving the course at all and wanting to quit to loving it so much and being excited about it so much and participating till the end, asking questions and asking for feedback.

Alex: Thank you, Nathaniel for your time and for your beautiful testimonial!

For whom is this package?

This package was designed for business owners, CEOs, shareholders, marketers, sales employees and communication professionals.

The first two modules are tailored to show how to create an overall online marketing and sales strategy and is of much interest for business owners, CEOs, and shareholders.

Starting from module 3 till module 6 + Bonus I am talking more in details about the principles mentioned in module 1 and 2 + adding new knowledge and ideas to get started directly.

What is the ROI?

I can assure you that your ROI will be 3 months of hard work and implementation of the principles you learn in the mastery.

How long is the program?

It will take you 10,5 hours to listen to all the lectures.

How fast can I/my employees start with implementation?

You/your employees can start implementing the knowledge from the lectures already after listening to the first module.

When can I start bearing fruits from implementation?

It will not take you long to see the results from the implementation of the knowledge that you get after listening to the course. On average, it takes 2 weeks to start seeing the improvements. 


Klaas Johannes de Vries, director at Mavasol

The training has changed my understanding of how to deal with my dealers all around the world. Before I spent a lot of time visiting them by paying them offline visits. Now I see how I can provide excellent support to the dealers with online materials. And now I know how I can continue to motivate and stimulate dealers online in a proactive way with a proven strategy behind it.

The reason to follow this training was that I wanted to have a targeted online sales strategy, I wanted to absorb new knowledge about online, discover what the possibilities are which suits us and a strategy for the coming years.

My level of knowledge before training: I would say a 6. It was a NIMA-A [marketing course at MBA level] level but based on offline marketing. So about online I didn’t know a lot. Now I have a lot of understanding of what matters and why. 

Alex: Did you have doubts beforehand? 

The training was well designed. I had previously researched your name and I quickly saw that it was a great opportunity to have someone with your experience.

I have learned a lot and got a lot of good new insights. In addition, the question and answer sessions were also very powerful.

In addition, I can directly implement various techniques in my sales. And I see that prospects now respond better to my emails and proposals. I never thought that I can improve that before.

We also started actively working with the super testimonial strategy that you have shown me.

I am also much more able to guide experts better and check whether they are doing their job well. Especially on the paid channels, the costs are now under control as here you can quickly lose a lot of money.

Alex: Would you recommend the training? 

Sure. In fact, I already did that to other entrepreneurs. I liked it. I did not expect that there is still so much to do with my organization.

Menno Postma, Global Sales Manager at Ausnutria

I thought the training was very accessible because it was online, so I didn't need to go to another location, which made it a low entry to join.

Before joining the course, I was interested in online marketing automations and when I saw in the program overview that you are going to talk about it, I was hooked.

I have already implemented from your training the “super signature” for my email signature, I really love it.

You, Alex, have really pushed me to start creating short 40-50 seconds videos to use online where I am explaining certain topics about the organisation. You, Alex, also gave me a lot of insights in terms of content creation such as white papers, blog posts, infographics, technical sheets.

The course has really inspired me and has enabled me to inspire other people within my organisation. I truly believe that this training is not only for marketing people but also for commercial people, because commercial people need to know how they can support the marketing people and vice versa. There should be a synergy between these two teams within the organisation.

Ruth Rottiné, Interim Marketing Manager at Wafilin Systems BV

Before starting the course, I knew that there were more possibilities with online marketing. I think I started realizing it when I ran into and got stuck at certain things while working, so I kind of had a feeling that I could discover more while following this course and I was right

I really liked the setup of the course with the combination of theory which I can directly apply to my work and coaching where I can get feedback on the work that I have done.

I really liked you, Alex, as a trainer because you are very pleasant, you give answers on all stupid questions and you even encourage to ask all the possible stupid questions which motivates us, people who are following the training, to implement things, to make mistakes and adjust.

I also like the topics that you have chosen for the training, especially the connection to sales.