About Alex

Are you feeling uncertain or stuck about growing and scaling your business? Do you need someone with proven experience in the fields of marketing, sales, IT and revenue models? Do you want to be connected with the right experts to make that change happen? I'm here to help you. But first, let me introduce myself!

My name is Alex van Ginneken. I am an online business coach, entrepreneur, board advisor, chairman, mentor, author and speaker. I have built up 7 companies and wrote 19 successful books about online marketing. Within 5 years that I am working as an online business coach, I have helped 100+ entrepreneurs increase their revenues and build their authorities in diverse industries. It is my passion and my goal to help you grow your business and be your go-to person & coach on your road to success.

Since I remember myself, I have always  had an above-average interest in learning, full of ideas and inspiration and I have always loved to meet new people, listen to their stories and talk to them about business. At the age of 11, I developed my first software. Also, during my IT studies, I won an IT innovation prize. I remember myself spending lots of time behind the screen of my computer and coding while other kids of my age were hanging out with their friends. To combine my love for coding and business I did two studies: in IT and in marketing and communication. During my IT studies, I was chosen to do an internship in an international company - Oracle where I had to work in a CRM division while having a lot of contact and business trips to the headquarters in California. My entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age of 21. Since then I have built almost 20 years of experience in the fields of IT, marketing, sales and connecting professionals.

The 6 most important things that I value in myself are: practicality, polite directness, long-term point of view, focus on results, down-to-earthness and an enormous motivation to help people. 

My main beliefs that I live my life by and guide my clients are:

  • Think big. Start small. Scale fast
  • There is a recipe for every challenge
  • There is always a higher level
  • You can fix every business problem with marketing and sales
  • You can change your company in a heartbeat
  • If you implement a few small healthy habits today, they will turn your tomorrow into a better life

My mission is: To build for my clients a sustainable business with multiple streams of income with recurring revenues and to help 1000+ entrepreneurs within the next 5 years to grow their businesses in a healthy way.

My guides to the world of business since my young age have always been three people: 

  • Antony Robbins has taught me the power of networking, getting out of the comfort zone, to always stay positive and enthusiastic in any life situation. 
  • Richard Branson has taught me to challenge the status quo, to dare things, to see no limits and barriers in life and a principle: “there is always a solution”.
  • Bill Gates has taught me about standardisation and about scalability in a business world. And that the knowledge that we receive these days at school is not applicable to a business environment nowadays because business is changing very rapidly and it takes too much time for schools and universities to create new programs, so the knowledge becomes outdated. 

My experiences in the field


New Build Online ("Nieuwbouw Online BV")
 Maxify Expert

Previous participations that I sold

 Cobrowser (2017)
 MediaCT (2017)
 DBK (2017)
 Simpel Reserveren (2017)
 Vivens (2006)
 Posters.nl (2006) 

Other positions

 Chairman of the Northern Online Entrepreneurs (NOO)
 Board member (advisor) investment fund for startups (G-force)
 Board member (advisor) WTC Noord Nederland
 Board member (advisor) Oranjewoud Export Academy

 Mentor at the Venture Mentoring Service (connected to MIT, Boston)
 Member of the DRW, a network of policy - and decision makers in the industrial sector

 Developer of the minor "Online Marketing" at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Past positions

 Frisian House board member (advisor)

Books I wrote

 Domaining (2014)
 Fact Based Marketing (2013)
 De Blauwe Doos (2009): 17 books on internet marketing

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