About Alex

Do you know what it takes to grow your business sustainably? Action! To be precise: action in the field of marketing, sales, IT, revenue models and networking. I’m here to help you take those action steps so you can reach exponential business growth.

My name is Alex van Ginneken. I am an entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivational - and online business coach. I have built up a number of companies and wrote a successful series of books about online marketing. It is my passion to help you grow your business and be your go-to person & coach on your road to success.

How I became an online business coach

Since childhood I had an above average interest in learning. I've always been full of ideas and inspiration. At the age of 11, I developed my first software. Curiosity has taught me important lessons, that made me an enthusiastic, positive and hands-on entrepreneur.

Not a day goes by that I'm not trying to get the most out of life, for myself and others. I always try new things, both in business and private life, always looking for new opportunities. I have discovered that small things can often make a big difference.

In 2006 I sold my first IT company, where we were working with a team of 22 people at that time. In the years that followed, I contributed to my participations as an active partner.

I found out that managing a company on a daily basis is not my ambition. Being the right hand, advisor and coach of a business owner, is what I am best at, because I know exactly how valuable your time is and how important it is to reach your goals and support your drive. 

From experience and a firm believe in its effectiveness, I started my online coaching business to help companies takes the ACTION steps to grow. 

Think BIG, start small, scale fast

For me, the core of entrepreneurship is that you work from the heart. That you do something that you fully commit to, without hesitation. I help you reach the right mindset to start, scale and sell your content online.

I also apply this philosophy when we work together. That's why I expect a few things from you. That will add to a successful cooperation and speed up the results.

Leadership: You are the business owner who realizes that he needs help in the field that I’m specialized in. You know that something has to happen, but not exactly what. You hire when you lack knowledge in something and that makes you an excellent leader. It also means that you fully accept my help and give me the freedom I need to be efficient. 

Ambition: You have guts, you dare to grow! Just like me, you are constantly reinventing yourself and your company to grow and innovate. We think in solutions, we try things out and we go for the best option. 

Realistic expectations: You understand that building a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. Because we focus on numbers, you see immediate results. In this way we build to the next level in a future-proof manner.

Transparency and openness: I believe that harmonious cooperation is only possible in a setting of trust and honesty. Telling each other the truth even when it’s confronting, aiming for a positive development, is important. I greatly value that belief, and I expect that from you too.

Want to work with me?

Yes! Tell me more!

My experiences in the field


New Build Online ("Nieuwbouw Online BV")
 Maxify Expert

Previous participations that I sold

 Cobrowser (2017)
 MediaCT (2017)
 DBK (2017)
 Simpel Reserveren (2017)
 Vivens (2006)
 Posters.nl (2006) 

Other positions

 Chairman of the Northern Online Entrepreneurs (NOO)
 Board member (advisor) investment fund for startups (G-force)
 Board member (advisor) WTC Noord Nederland
 Board member (advisor) Oranjewoud Export Academy

 Mentor at the Venture Mentoring Service (connected to MIT, Boston)
 Member of the DRW, a network of policy - and decision makers in the industrial sector

 Developer of the minor "Online Marketing" at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Past positions

 Frisian House board member (advisor)

Books I wrote

 Domaining (2014)
 Fact Based Marketing (2013)
 De Blauwe Doos (2009): 17 books on internet marketing

About my daily habits

I already told you that action is the way to grow your business in a sustainable way. And actually it is no different on a personal level. I believe that we must continue to learn and grow throughout life. That is why every day I am teaching myself new habits that will help me. For example, I now try to meditate daily and eat vegetarian. These are things that give me spiritual and physical energy, and I take that energy everywhere.

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