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As a company owner and an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of growing your business. But you feel overwhelmed and insecure when it comes to action steps. You have all the possible tools at hand but you just can't take the first step towards your growth. Because you are afraid to lose the battle!

I truly understand how you feel! Because I have been where you are now. And back then, I wish I had someone by my side who could guide me and warn me against making so many business mistakes. To whom I could just call and ask for a business advice and would be certain that this person wants to see me succeed. That was my reason to become a business coach for entrepreneurs and organizations. 

Since I have built 20 years of experience in the fields of marketing, sales, IT and revenue models and I have a big network of professionals who I can connect you to to make the change happen. I am here for you to help!

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My online business coaching
focuses on 5 pillars:

✓ Online Marketing
✓ Online Sales
✓ IT/data
✓ Revenue Models
✓ Connecting professionals

How our collaboration will look like?

1) We start with a free call where we get to know each other 

2) We formulate a solid roadmap for your business based on the intake

3) I guide you along your roadmap 

You also get a direct access to all my online materials, templates, step-by-step plans. If you need to outsource some parts of your business or ask for an advice from the experts in the fields you need, I will put you in contact with the right and proven professionals from my network.

Book a free 30-minute coaching call

For who?

Online business coaching is for ambitious individuals and companies that:

✓ are ready to learn and be confronted
✓ are open-minded and dare to change and grow 
✓ your company exists for at least 5 years

✓ are prepared to undertake a coaching process for at least 6 months
✓ have room for investment to actually make things happen
✓ want to learn more about online sales, marketing, IT and business models

Think BIG, start small, scale fast

For me, the core of entrepreneurship is that you work from the heart. That you do something you fully commit to, without hesitation. I help you reach the right mindset for you and your team to start, scale and sustain your business.

I also apply this philosophy when we work together. That's why I expect a few things from you. That will add to a successful cooperation and speed up the results.

What do I expect from you?

Leadership: You are the business owner who realizes that he needs help in the fields that I’m specialized in. You know that something has to happen, but not exactly what. You hire when you lack knowledge in something and that makes you an excellent leader. 

Ambition: You have guts, you dare to grow! Just like me, you are constantly reinventing yourself and your company to grow and innovate. We think in solutions, we try things out and we go for the best option. 

Realistic expectations: You understand that building a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. Because we focus on numbers, you see measurable results.

Transparency and openness: I believe that harmonious cooperation is only possible in a setting of trust and honesty. Telling each other the truth even when it’s confronting, aiming for a positive development, is important. I greatly value that belief, and I expect that from you too.

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Gerard Scheper - European Solar

"I have been working with Alex for almost 4 years now. From the very beginning till now he has been clarifying and delivering immediate results on time and made me money. In the years that my business has been developing, I have benefited a lot from the rich network that Alex has gathered around him. My company has grown enormously in recent years and I am 100% sure that without Alex it would never have reached this size!"

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Marko Bolt - Omnidots

“We are very happy with Alex as our online business coach. He is always up-to-date, has a lot of knowledge and refreshing insights. He is our guide to the online world and gives our B2B sales an extra boost”

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