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As a company owner and an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to grow your business. There are many online opportunities, but you find yourself procrastinating and waiting for the action steps, needed to get this thing going and you are not sure where to start.

You are not alone in this. I firmly believe that success also means that you need to recognise where you lack knowledge and hire a professional to fill in this gap. This is where I come in, I can help you take the action steps towards online development and growth. In the past 15 years I have helped a large number of companies to determine an online strategy and achieve maximum online results. In addition, I have also successfully built and sold my own companies and participations.

In my online business coaching program, I share with you and your team my experience, insights, tools and network.

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Online business coaching
focuses on 5 pillars:

✓ Marketing
✓ Sales
✓ IT
✓ Revenue Models
✓ Networking

In a number of sessions we find out where your company is at. We take a close look at all details and come up with a solid plan.

We start with an extensive intake based on existing models. We use proven scale techniques, theories such as the Rockefeller habits and use modern tools.

Combined with my knowledge in the field of online business, we then determine a roadmap.

In addition, I also look at the available (online) data and the current online performance. Together we formulate measurable and concrete goals based on the roadmap, with which your company can grow online in a constructive and sustainable manner. We search and find the best proposition for your company, regardless of the market in which you operate.

The roadmap also determines in what order we tackle issues and obstacles. My goal is to help you on your way, so you are ultimately in control. It’s my goal to hear you say: “Alex, we got this, we can totally take things over from here with confidence!”

During our collaboration we see each other once a month. We also have monthly telephone contact. We celebrate the successes of your week on Victory Friday.

I also give you direct access to my online material, such as handy templates, step-by-step plans, so you start using it right away. I also put you in touch with the best people to make your success a reality.

Every six months I organize a live event and you get to know like-minded people. By sharing knowledge, you shorten the road to success.

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For who?

Online business coaching is for ambitious individuals and companies that:

✓ have shown promising results, high potential with a proven concept
✓ have a strong desire to accelerate and grow their business online
✓ want to learn more about online sales, marketing, IT and business models
✓ are prepared to undertake a coaching process for at least 6 months
✓ have room for investment to actually make things happen

I highly value trust, integrity and transparency.

Mutual trust is essential. When I coach you, I need insight about your company and in return I share with you all my insights and knowledge. Therefore I have chosen not to specifically mention any of my customers on my site.

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