I love sharing my experience and insights. I love to see my clients reach their goals (and more) by implementing my insights for growing their business.

I do not only do that as an online business coach, but also as a speaker, trainer and guest teacher at events, lectures and universities. For that I work together with Anne Marie Westra from EPLÚ Management Support.

If you hire me as a speaker, trainer or guest teacher, you will get 100% commitment and enthusiasm. I inspire and enrich my audience with valuable insights, experiences, practical examples and directly applicable tips. I love to interact with my audience.



As an entrepreneur I'm experienced and specialized in the fields of IT, sales, online marketing and (online) business models. I'm a online business coaching since 2015 and next to that I have successfully built and sold 7 online / IT companies in the Netherlands.

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David van Balen | Owner of Marketing Agency

“When Alex talks, I listen. It's that simple. He has a lot of experience and I therefore see it as a privilege to be able to learn from it.”

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Saskia Middelman | Operational Director Food Manufacturer

“Alex is someone who has ‘growing a successful business’ running through his veins. You can feel and notice it in all he does. With all kinds of personal successes and non-successes, he shows you exactly how you can grow further. His events are a must-see for sure! ”

EPLÚ Management Support

You can book me as a speaker, trainer or guest teacher through Anne Marie Westra of EPLÚ Management Support, projects & events, communication and marketing. 

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