I love sharing my experience and expertise. I also really enjoy to see my clients achieving their goals (and set new ones) by applying the acquired knowledge to grow their business. As an online business coach, but also as a public speaker and trainer at conferences and corporate and organizational events, and a guest lecturer at colleges and universities.

I am committed to my audience, I really enjoy the audience interaction, to inspire and enthuse my audience and give them valuable insights, practical examples and tips which can directly applied in practice.

If you wish to request me as a public speaker, trainer or guest lecturer for your event or lecture, both live and online, please contact Anne Marie Westra from EPLÚ Management Support or leave your contact info in the form below and she will contact you.


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As an entrepreneur I'm experienced and specialized in the fields of

  • IT/Online platforms/SaaS
  • Online Marketing and Online Sales
  • (Online) business models
  • Extreme sports and how to have a healthy life style 

I'm an online business coaching since 2015. Coached over 100 entrepreneurs in 1 on 1's. Next to that I have successfully built and sold 7 online / IT-related companies in The Netherlands.

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Hans van Gestel, lecturer on entrepreneurship at NHL Hogeschool 

I was looking for a speaker who could connect with the students. I think that this is very important and Alex was the one who could do that. Alex could personally discuss the cases with students and with that he can be very close to the work that students do. This is a very good thing about Alex’s lectures. 

We don’t work a lot with the guest speakers but we have a lot of experience with them. Alex is one other regular guest speaker and he is one of the few. The experience with Alex, as a guest speaker, is very good. He is very concentrated and he has a lot of room for interaction. One of Alex's strengths is that he can listen to you very carefully and as soon as he understands the idea of what you are saying, he produces a very good analysis in just 10 seconds and gives a relevant answer to the student. Other speakers often stick to general answers and don’t go that deep with the analysis. 

The results of the students after listening to his lectures vary. There is one student who has implemented all tips that Alex has suggested and his company grew from €5,000 up to €45,000 per month within 3 months. This student has a million-dollar company. 

Thanks to so many tips and experiences, Alex ensures that after listening to his lecture, students get inspired and motivated, after the first lecture. He shows that online success is within everyone’s reach. Alex has tons of expertise and experience and we have invited him mostly because of his experience. Listening to the person with so much experience inspires students to get started right away with implementation. We value the depth, attention and interaction with the students the most.

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