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Like you, my clients are successful entrepreneurs who want to scale their business on a global level. I understand the value of your time and the importance of an outstanding product and exceptionally good service. 

Your company is established and promising, but something is missing: you do don’t make the best use of the internet yet and that makes you miss out on the biggest opportunities of this time. Your reach & revenues can be bigger than ever before, thanks to the internet. 

The good news: you are not alone in this. I can help you with all the aspects of building and growing a profitable online business. 

This is what one of my customers says about it:

“I have been building my company for a few years, and that is going very well. Yet I knew that there was a lack of something to take my business to the next level: a good IT and online strategy. That is why I was looking for in-depth guidance and coaching. Since I am working with Alex on a constructive roadmap I see almost immediate results. Magnificent!"

Are you this business owner, ready to elevate your business to the next level, making the best of use of the Internet?

Do you recognize this:

✓ You are the director of your own company and have an enormous drive to grow.

✓ You have a strong focus on innovation, whether it is new markets, products or services.

✓ You lack knowledge and experience to reach online growth.

✓ You want to be coached on a strategic and tactical level.

✓ You are looking for someone who has also undertaken a helps you constructively from experience and factual knowledge gained in the field.

Recognizable? Then work with me! Let’s make this happen!

What I do

I am an online business coach. That means I let you achieve high level success online.

With 15+ years of experience in online business, I give every company that is serious about growth, a boost in the field of IT and online marketing. Are you looking for that, or need help with sales and revenue models? Than I am your go-to person! 

In recent years I have built a huge network of professionals, and I would like to share that with you. I only work with the best people and we use my successful philosophy:

Think BIG, start small, scale fast

I have achieved proven results with this principle, and now you can also benefit from it.

You can read more about me here and find me on LinkedIn

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