Join! Traffic & Conversion Summit September 2022 San Diego

growth inspiration seminar May 09, 2022

What is the best online marketing event in the world in my opinion? The Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego! I blogged about it before, but I really want to share once more how very interesting and insightful this event is. It's the place to be for entrepreneurs and marketers, where you get an incredible amount of online marketing insights in a short period of time, meet like-minded people and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs how you can implement the latest techniques and insights in your own company. Pre-Covid the event attracted 7,000+ participants.

What to expect? Actionable content, Inspiration, networking & fun (and sun)!

At the moment we have 15 online entrepreneurs & marketers in our Dutch group who will join the event. Would you like to join? Then send a message to my team: [email protected] (And receive 20%(!) discount)

When: 27 - 29 September 2022

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Who, not How

inspiration Apr 18, 2022

How do we make the website better?
How do we ensure a correct dashboard?
How are we going to write the next newsletter?

The questions aren't wrong, but they aren't necessarily right either. As an entrepreneur, you are used to being proactive. Getting things done. See progress.

The risk? Weak output.

You are not a web designer. Erica is an office manager, not a marketer. Karel is an intern, not a copywriter.
NOT: How can we do this? BUT: Who can do this?

From Startup to Scale-up
I regularly see problematic examples popping up in my network as well as in my own companies. It is precisely in the phase from startup to scale-up that how rather than who is common. Why? It is precisely in this strong growth phase that speed and quality are needed.

When you come out of start-up mode, you are very good at the how — and you can be proud of that, this mentality has ensured that you have managed to build a profitable business. But it's a pitfall to get stuck in this mode.

The scale-up phase...

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